TEN is an industry breakthrough. With the flip of the Active/Passive driver mode switch you can instantaneously personalize your TEN listening experience. In active mode the monitor has better linear frequency response and the best dynamic range–it’s more digital. In passive, the amplifier’s signal drives the magnets for more “musical” analog production of the mid and low-ranges.


• 2 x 10” woofer + 2 x 3” mid

• 2 x 1” tweeter

• Size: 550 W x 750 H x 165 D mm

With ABase footprint:550 W x 385 D mm

• Weight: 49.8 kg (with ABase)

• Frequency response: 28 to 30,000Hz

• Crossover: 18dB/Oct;

W: 28-500Hz 28~500Hz

M: 500-2,000Hz

T: 2,000~30,000Hz

• Sensitivity: 90dB@1W/1m

• Sonic axis: 67°±2°

• Impedance: 4Ω

• Power handling: 60 to 500 W

• Magnetically shielded

• Color: matte black, matte white, piano black