Integrated Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

The closer we came to achieving our revolutionary driver design, the better we understood that every other aspect of the speaker design, engineering, and manufacturing would also need to be reinvented too. It took four years of R&D, but eventually the Ologe team had redesigned and re-engineered every single component of every speaker. Each Ologe screw has it’s own custom molding! To achieve this, of course, the innovation needed to extend to the production — streamlining costs, and optimizing part quality. Previously, you had to choose between affordable speakers assembled from existing components of unrelated designs, or prohibitively expensive speakers made in-house according to one coherent proprietary design. With Ologe every single part of each model has been designed, and engineered as one coherent precision instrument. Then each of these components are manufactured with specialized partners under the strictest proprietary standards. We even patented our own metal alloys! At each phase of production each part is incessantly and vigorously tested. Then, when they are brought back together each unit is tuned, using both Ologe’s own, and the Audio Precision Co.’s stringent measurement technology.

Stainless steel front spike

Graphite/aluminum alloy waveguide

AStand bespoke milled cross section