A Vision of Jazz: Francis Wolff and Blue Note Records – Kyotographie 2015

Kyotographie 2015 - 009

Francis Wolff
A Vision of Jazz : Francis Wolff and Blue Note Records

Francis Wolff: The Jazz World’s Legendary Photographer
In addition to bringing to the world the sparkling performances of Art Blakey, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, and many other renowned musicians, the iconic modern jazz label Blue Note Records also delighted music and art lovers with the photography of Francis Wolff (1907-1971) appearing on its record sleeves. Whilst managing the business, Wolff took photographs during countless live performances and recording sessions, creating a magical visual record of the jazz world and its outlook. This year’s KYOTOGRAPHIE will feature photographic prints by Wolff from the 50s and 60s alongside the equally accomplished work of the graphic designer Reid Miles (1927-1993), both forming a precious visual archive on its first visit to Japan from its home in New York. Also on the festival program will be a live event featuring Shuya Okino’s DJ group, KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE.